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It is the duty of Contractors and Sub-Contractors to:

  • To comply with G A Building Company Policy for Health and Safety and must ensure their own Company Policy is made available on site whilst work is carried out.
  • Perform work accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and take into account the safety of others on site and the general public who9 may be affected by the activities.
  • Ensure all plant and equipment brought onto site is safe and in good working condition. All necessary guards and safety devices must be fitted and any necessary certificates available for verification. Information and assessment on noise levels of plant, equipment or operations to be performed must be provided.
  • Ensure no power tools or electric equipment of a voltage greater than 110 volts is brought onto site. All transformers, generators, extension leads, plugs and sockets must be to latest British standard for industrial use and in good condition. All portable electrical appliances must carry a valid Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate.
  • Immediately report any injury sustained or damaged caused by their employees to the G A Representative.
  • Comply with any safety instruction given by the G A Representative.
  • Take immediate remedial action with regard to any hazards or defect reported to them as a result of an inspection or audit performed by the G A Representative.
  • Provide suitable welfare facilities and first aid equipment, in accordance with the Regulations, for their employees unless arrangements have been made to have the use of G A facilities. In these cases a certificate will be issued detailing the facilities provided (Form 2202).
  • Ensure that any material or substance brought on site which has health, fire or explosion risks is stored in accordance with the Regulations and that information is provided to any other person who may be affected on site.
  • Keep work places tidy and remove all waste and debris as soon as possible.
  • Provide and wear the appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment that is required in relation to site conditions and the work that they are undertaking.
  • Issue a detailed method statement before any work commences on site. The method statement must be verified by G A Building services before work begins and copies made available on site so that compliance can be monitored and maintained.
  • Provide G A Building services with copies of qualification, driving and training certification of their employees in relation to the tasks being undertaken.
  • Ensure scaffolding to be used by their employees is inspected by their employer, or a competent person appointed by their employer, to determine that it is erected and maintained in accordance with the Regulations and Codes of Practice.