Health & Safety

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GA Building Services LTD  are  accredited contractor in Chas , Safe-contractor and Contructionline We are approved contractors to Transport For London, Bravo and are  a Approved  and registered contractor to Service Channel All worked carried out will meet  CDM 2015 regulation It is company policy that all possible steps will be taken to ensure the health and safety of persons whilst at work, and to prevent damage to company property. It is the duty of all employees and sub contractors to conform to the company policy and safety codes of practice, and to co-operate with the company in the meeting all relevant statutory obligations. The management responsibility cannot be discharged without the co-operation of all employees, whatever duties they are asked to perform. Involvement by all in the prevention of accidents and risks to health is, therefore, clearly the responsibility of all personnel. The company regards it as essential to promote joint discussion on the subject of safety, thereby ensuring involvement at all levels throughout the organisation. It is essential that all employees understand that no one person is the custodian of safety. Safety at work can only be achieved by positive action and teamwork at every level in the business. Everyone has a vital role to play. At the highest level there is a duty to provide the means to secure a safe working environment and to monitor progress towards achieving this. Management have a duty to ensure that they involve all their employees and sub contractors in this task. Likewise, all employees have a responsibility to co-operate with management and are instrumental in achieving our safety objectives. As most of our work is carried out on site, we will be working in different surroundings on many occasions. It is important to understand that each site will have different hazards and associated risks. The familiarisation of the regulations and safe systems of work applicable to each site is, therefore, imperative. All work methods and systems of work will be periodically appraised to ensure that the safest possible methods and procedures are adopted. The management will give full backing to this policy, and will support all those who endeavour to carry it out.